At LUX Salon Suites, we want to help you be successful at what you love to do.  You can be in business for yourself, without feeling like you are by yourself.  We love our tenants and want to do whatever we can to help them achieve their full potential.  We try to take the not-so-fun things off your plate, so you can do what you do best.  Our tenants love that we provide a free towel service and laundry, so they don’t have to lug laundry back and forth or pay for machines, and we provide a searchable directory listing that acts as your website for your clients and potential clients.  We are looking to add to our roster of rock-star professionals, so please call and schedule a time to come by for a tour.  We’d love to show you around!

Q Do I need an appointment to take a tour of the suites?

Yes, it is advisable to make an appointment for a tour, so that someone will be sure to be here to show you around and talk to you about your needs and what LUX provides.

Q How much are your suites?

The price of a suite varies depending upon size, layout and location within the salon. It is best to speak with the LUX management team to see what is available that would work for your business.

Q Does LUX take a commission off of my sales?

No! You are in charge of your own business, and you keep 100% of your sales.

Q Is the free towel service really free?

Our towel service is included with your rental rate. You pick up clean towels in the break room when you need them, and bring them back when you are done.

Q Do you charge for use of the laundry?

No. We provide a free towel service, and if you want to wash something on your own, you are welcome to use our machines and laundry supplies free of charge.

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