Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a science-based assisted stretching modality that helps unwind and release stored traumas and adhesions. FST can help us to improve movement and sleep, speed up recovery, prevent injury, and decrease pain, stress, and anxiety, which helps provide an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Gravity, stress, and the natural aging process all compress us. FST decompresses us at the joint level as we release and elongate along long chains of muscles otherwise known as the Fascial Nets of the body.

Lasting change can often be accomplished in a single session, though the most dramatic changes are established through layering on progress made from previous sessions. 

Sessions serviced in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour sessions.

Q What to Wear to your session

Come in comfortable lounge or gym attire. Loose clothing works just as well.

Q During session is there any pain?

There is no pain. The stretch practitioner stretch to the comfortable level that the body allows making the experience a relaxing and relief session. This allows for the benefits to progress even after the session is over.

Q How many session are require to see benefits?

The first session you typical see instant relief. Depending on your goal and mobility factor. Your practitioner will determine a program for you to have success in the long run.

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